List of Best Islamic Mobile Ringtones Names for iPhones and AndroidPhones

It is better to use Islamic Ringtones than Music. Every Muslim want to replace MobilePhone's musical ringtones by Islamic Ringtones of different types Like Naat sharif, Surah, Darood-e-Pak-Rings etc., in Mobile Phones specially during Ramadan (Ramzan), inside the masaajid and in religious gatherings. The most ideal setting, I think we all should do for Mobilephones, is to keep them on silent mode while while praying inside the masjid. I also don't like to keep the Mobile phone on vibration mode because vibration-Mode will cause to lose our attention while praying inside the Mosque. As we all know [In Masjids and Homes] Musical-MOBILE-Ringtones are not permissible in Islam. 

Islamic-Stuff-Corner has created a list of Titles/Names of most searched and used Islamic Ringtones. You can Find all tones by searching with the Names i have added. This list includes the name of Some Arabic and Urdu Naat Islamic Ring Tones also.

  1. Allah-Allah-Naat-RingTone 
  2. Surah-Alfalaq 
  3. Allah-O-Akbar
  4. Lab Pe Aati Hai Dua 
  5. Surah-Alkausar 
  6. Surah-Ekhlass
  7. Ae Sabz Gumbad Wale
  8. Alnabi Naat Type RingTone
  9. Dar E Aqdas Pe Hal E Dil Sunana
  10. Give Thanks To Allah
  11. La ilaha illallah
  12. Ramadan 
  13. Maula Ya Salli Wa Sallim
  14. SobhanAllah
  15. Muhammad Is And Always Will Be
  16. Takbir-E-Eid
  17. Pillars of Islam
  18. Allah humma sydeena ala Muhammadin
  19. Allah-Allah-Ya-Mola
  20. Allahu Ya Rabb 
  21. Assallam-o-Allaikum
  22. Bismillah
  23. Burdah sharif 
  24. Darood-e-Pak
  25. Darood-e-Pak (S.A.W.W)
  26. Dua islamic Rington
  27. Darood-e-Ibraheemi 
  28. Names Of Allah Muhammad (P.B.U.H)
  29. Forgive Me Allah
  30. I Am A Muslim 
  31. Allahu Akbar
  32. Islamic Alarm 
  33. kalima-e-tayyabah
  34. Labbaik
  35. Ya Taiba
  36. Meetha Meetha He mere Mohammad Ka Naam
  37. Morning Azaan
  38. Names Of Allah 
  39. Nasheed ringtone Islamic Title
  40. Quran Words Of ALLAH
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